Absence Request Form

In the case of unavoidable absence from any event of the Aurora High School Band (performance or rehearsal), this form must be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the occurring absence. Work is NOT an excused absence.

Completing this form does not ensure the absence will be excused.

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Date of Absence
Is this a rehearsal or performance?
In regards to school team sports, it is the understanding throughout the district that a performance/game always take precedence over a rehearsal/practice, as long as prior notice is given. In the event that a practice and rehearsal occur at the same time or a game and a performance occur at the same time then it is the student's choice as to which event they attend, given they have looked in to all possibilities of attending both events. Please let the director know if a coach is not following this protocol. Failure to give 5 days notice (unless the game is a reschedule/playoff game) will result in the absence being unexcused.
Please remember that work is not an excused absence
Example: arriving late or leaving early